Bits Modeling Bits: Video of a Hyperrealistic Physics Engine

Video of a Hyperrealistic Physics Engine

There are two sorts of bits out there: The sort used by computers (zeros and ones) and the sort you come across when interacting with the physical world (grains of sand, clods of dirt, droplets of water). The clip below demonstrates a new physics engine that takes the first type of bits and ends up with the second. No small feat.

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They finally added that subtle stickyness that many objects have.
When it gets to that point, we will be rendering objects down to the atom.

This here is amazing.

With this amount of physics and details, I'm sure you'll need a super computer for this work, lag-free.

That is just what I was thinking.

I want to see AWESOME GAMES!

The chunkiness of the dirt is simply amazing.

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