How To: Use the UVW unwrap modifier in 3D Studio Max

Use the UVW unwrap modifier in 3D Studio Max

A polymodel head is being mapped. Keep the turbo smooth active to smooth out edges and seams. Use the relax tool to help even out the mesh and areas around the mouth, the ears and the neck as work proceeds. Use the stitch modifier to attach and combine the top and bottom of the head. To get all the seams and areas to match they must be moved, rotated and scaled. Use the weld tool on all the vertices and use the relax tool to get all the seams to match. Use the pelt map for the ears. Use the stitch and weld tools for the eyes and lips.

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Gee, it almost seemed helpful, except for the fact that the video itself was too fast and he talked like the micro machines guy. It mostly just left me confused because half the time, even stopping and playing the video over couldn't resolve what he did, exactly.

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